Antarctica Trip Report 2015

Too old to work, too young to die – let’s travel. My wife Regina and myself decided to visit the most exciting places on this world and since we don’t know how long we long we can afford the long flights we started with the most distant destinations. One of the most distant targets from Europe is Antarctica. So we had in February 2015 a gorgeous trip by boat on the seventh continent with several landings at different places on the Peninsula Antarctica and on the South Shetland Islands. Words can’t describe the very spectacular landscapes, the amazing nature and the wonderful colors we have seen. We have written this trip report both to describe what we have seen but also to help other people to plan such a trip. Please accompany us on and start with Visited Places.

People Antarctica Trip Report 2015 who want to plan such a trip should address the Practical Hints too. Itinerary shows the places where we have been and where we have stayed.Photos of the animals we saw  in Antarctica under Fauna.

A bunch of wonderful photos we took are stored under Photo Gallery.

Sail to Peninsula Antarctica

We were sailing on the M/S Plancius from Oceanwide expeditions. The ship can accomodate 116 passengers. Please be aware that according to the Antarctica treaty only 100 tourists can go onshore at the same time. So if there are 600 passengers on the ship you have to wait until the other 500 are back before you can go onshore. For this reason M/S Plancius is optimal for Antarctica and we had every day 2-3 landings. All the landings were excellent prepared and the guides fully considered the weather conditions, the animal protection and the passenger security. We were very happy with the ship, with the crew and with the trip organization.

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Under Regina’s and Andre’s Trip reports you can get a glimpse of our other trips.

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